FIS- Inspiring Girls is our beloved  program dedicated to
raising the ambitions of Girls by connecting them with inspiring female role models 

Find Here the presentation shared during Assembly

with Holly, Serena, Ines and all the FIS-IG Team !

To sign up it’s HERE !

** The program is open to every Yr10 AND SECONDE FIS GIRL and is starting on the 13th of December 2022, 1 hour per month from December until May

** 700 role models in the HK database ... so many fields of experience and possibilities to interact in English, French, cantonese, Madarin, spanish, German….

** Why you should join this program ? 

● Gaining confidence, opening to new fields and opportunities 

● Receiving achievement certificates in recognition for participation

● Gaining hands-on experience through potential internship opportunities

● Having a flexible program schedule tailored to the ambitions and dreams of girls 

● Receiving free access to inspiring girl’s online mentoring and resources platform


Modules are held on Tuesdays at 4.30pm – Room 505


November information meetings : Find Here the presentation of the 15th of November Assembly with Holly, Serena, Ines and all the FIS-IG Team