Some university applications require a transcript to be sent. For instance, US colleges and Canadian universities usually require one (either uploaded by the student him/herself, or sent/uploaded by the Guidance Department). The procedures vary by university, and it is essential for the student to research what exactly is needed and to inform us in good time if we need to send the transcript.

Please note: transcripts are NOT required for UCAS applications. The only exception: applications to Cambridge University by French Stream students, who need to supply a transcript as part of the supplementary “My Cambridge” form.

The transcript is a single document that shows the subject scores that were published in the “bulletins scolaires” from Troisième to Terminale. It contains only the scores, not the comments. At the point when most applications are sent (autumn term of Terminale), the Terminale section will of course be blank. 

International Stream: The transcript (a record of the grades from your school reports from Yr10 to Yr13, and your IGCSE results) is generated by the university guidance department on request. Please email Mme Du Sault ( if you require one.

French Stream: If a transcript is needed, it is the student’s responsibility (by mid-October of Terminale) to fill out the blank transcript in the link below. Subjects that do not apply must be deleted (delete the row in the Word doc) so that the transcript matches exactly your own choice of subjects. Make sure you choose the correct “Spés” for Terminale, and that you include all foreign languages and options that you are taking.

All marks must be French Bac marks (max 20). Do not try to convert them to USA letter grades. Do not round up the marks: enter them exactly as you see them in your “bulletins scolaires”.

If you have taken any IGCSEs (e.g. English Language or Literature), or if you already have an IELTS score, you should list these in the box provided.

When complete, the student should email it to Mme Du Sault ( as a Word document. Mme Du Sault will then check it against your bulletins and will certify the transcript, and will email a PDF copy to you for uploading into the university application.