Please find below various resources to assist you with the US application process, including advice on the college application essay, teacher recommendation guidelines and information on two major online application systems (Common App + UC Application system).

1) Common App

The Common App is an online application system used by more than 900 of the 5,300 colleges in the USA. These 900 include many of the colleges popular with FIS students. Some key colleges (for instance, those in the University of California system) do not accept the Common App, and have their own application system.

The Collegewise Guide to the Common Application (“Common App”) is an extensive guide provided to us by CollegeWise.
Please use it – their advice is excellent. For instance, it has intelligent advice on the Common App essay and written supplements.
It takes you step by step through each section.

2) University of California Application

The University of California has its own application system for undergraduate admissions and scholarships. You can apply to all nine UC campuses using the same application. Click on the button for some great advice about how to write your personal insight questions

3) Resources for writing your college essay

4) Letters of recommendation

Most universities require you to obtain letters of recommendation from two teachers (in addition to the counselor recommendation).
Make sure you choose wisely. Try to determine which teachers know you the best. Please follow the attached guidelines for
obtaining the best letters of recommendation.

5) Test-optional schools

Due to COVID, many colleges have gone test-optional. Check out the following link for up-to-date information about this: